COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 65-120 pounds
HEIGHT: 23-27 inches
COAT: Medium length;
COLOR: black/tan, liver/tan, tricolor
GROUP: Hound

The Otterhound is a race of originating very old dog of the United Kingdom, which contemplates – among other many mixtures within its ancestors to the race Airedale Terrier. The Otterhound (also known as Tracking otters) is a dog specialized in, as it says his name to it, the hunting of otters, a difficult and extremely dangerous work. This dog has a sense of smell almost so developed as the Bloodhound. He is an excellent swimmer, persecutes to the otters swimming against the outside necessary current if, using like track only the bubbles of the otters that swim under the surface. This is a race of which it was developed in England. Also it is known like “Otter Hound”.