WEIGHT: 100-150 pounds
HEIGHT: 24-34 inches
COAT: Long, thick
COLOR: White
OTHER NAMES: Tatra Mountain Sheepdog, Owczarek Tatrzanski, Polish Mountain Dog
GROUP: Flock Guard

The Polski owczarek podhalanski or Tatrahond are a dog race. The Tatrahond are closely related with the kuvasz and cuvac and supposedly also with the other large shepherds of Europe. He descends directly of large Asian doggen, which came more than thousand years suffered to Europe. The Tatrahond have medium triangular ears, which are incited high. Its white fleece is long and he has a good developed ondervacht. Reuen reach a beast altitude of 65-70 centimetres and bitches a beast altitude of 60 – 65 centimetres and one weight of respectively 60 and 45 kilogrammes. The tatra has curled its tail.