WEIGHT: 6 pounds ideal
COAT: Long and straight
COLOR: All colors
OTHER NAMES: Peking Palasthund
GROUP: Herding

Pekinés or pequinés is a race of company dog. This small race of dog is natural of the Asian east zone, and is considered a deviation of the mythical fleecy dogs of Tibet. Derivation after derivation, the first official documentses are known in Korean engravings 4,000 years, and others ago of century VIII immersed in the imperial court of China, in the heat of H´ang dynasty.

For the empire, this animal arose at a mythological time, and here there is a small paragraph on this origin: – Lost enamored with small a monkey, the king lion requested permission to the Magical God Hai Ho to marry it. – If you are arranged to sacrifice your force and your size, I give my consent you, was the answer of the God.

Thus, according to the Chinese legend, pekinés was born. Brave and proud like its small, loving and intelligent father and like its mother.

Adored by the buddhism, it was turned into same symbol of this religion. Whim and passion of the imperial family, lived during centuries in the City Prohibited in Beijing (of there the patronímico of the race), without no contact with the outer world.

At that time, the value of jewel of the imperial family of this race of small dogs, invoked special laws in which a lack of protocol in front of them was punished with jail; the robbery, the kidnapping or the murder of pekinés were pleased directly with the life of the violator.

During they were a privilege for the Chinese noble much, being prohibited its export. The first units entered Europe just in year 1860 taken before queen Victoria of England (after the incursions of the British Army in Beijing, where the exotic aspect of to these saved them small dogs of the carried out general execution by the soldiers) and thirty years later appeared for the first time in the exhibition of Chester. And of there to his modern distribution, that makes a race very well-known of company dogs, but not as massive as it would seem.

In the morning of the 15 of April of 1912, pekinés call “Sun Yat Sen”, property of the British millionaire Henry Harper was one of the 3 dogs that managed to survive the shipwreck of the Titanic.