WEIGHT: 50 pounds
HEIGHT: 22 inches
COAT: Short, thick and dense
COLOR: Usually brindle
GROUP: Hound

The Plott Hound is not of the FCI recognized dog race from the USA. Plott Hounds are descendants of German hunting dogs (Weimaraner and Hannoveraner Schweißhund), which the family along-brought to Plott into the 1750er years from Germany to North Carolina and crossed with domestic hunting dogs. Already the English designation „Hound “points to according to racing dogs.

A contribution of John Jackson in the APA yearbook 1996 proves that this development is compared with other American hunting dogs one „quite purely bred “race. Of it also the numerous Plott friends are in North America convinced.

It becomes for the hunt for bear, Puma, verwilderte house pigs (Hogs) and Waschbären used in the Appalachen and other mountain regions. Outside of the USA it is relatively unknown. Due to its game hardness and robustness the Plott Hound enjoys however of ever larger popularity of European hunters as a sow hunter.