Podengo Portuguese Grande
COUNTRY: Portugal
WEIGHT: 66 pounds
HEIGHT: 22-28 inches
COAT: Short, coarse
COLOR: Yellow, tan, dark gray
OTHER NAMES: Large Portuguese Hound
GROUP: Southern

The Podengo Português is dog race from Portugal, appreciative of the Fédération Cynologique international one. The Podengo Português belongs to the group of the wind-dog-similar mediterranen hunting dogs, which is to be found in different races and/or local impacts on the entire Iberian peninsula, in the Mediterranean area and on the Canary islands. Contrary to the Spanish way of writing Podenco reads in Portuguese and Galici used way of writing the Podengo. The Podengo Português was originally a land race occurring in numerous sizes and skin variants, which was common particularly in the north and the east of Portugal. Only 1933 were begun to seize and classify in the today still usual six Varietäten the existing population systematically. Since 1954 the official race standard exists for the Podengo Português.