COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 3-7 pounds
HEIGHT: 11 inches
COAT: Fluffy
COLOR: 12 allowed colors
GROUP: Northern

The Pomerania (or German dwarfed Spitz, or Lulu de Pomerania) are a dog of the Spitz family, who receives her name of the region of Central Pomerania, in Eastern Germany, and toy” by its small size is classified like dog “.

The canine criadores improved the coat and adapted to the dog to the urban life, but the Pomerania still weighed more than 10 kg when arriving at England.

One attributes to the criadores the reduction of stature of the animal and the development of his variety of colors, following methods of test and error and applying the genetic theories of Gregor Mendel. Pomerania present is small due to the selective raising, but it conserves the typical robustness and the coat of the cold climate dogs.

She was queen Carlota of England that introduced to the Pomerania between the nobility of its country, but the Pom only reached international fame when her granddaughter Victory returned from vacations in Florence, Italy with pomerania called Frame.

(It must be observed that pomerania as modern race did not exist until century XIX. The dogs of queens Carlota and Victoria were much more great, probably a German Spitz and a Spitz Volpino. The same can be said of other historical proprietors of pomeranios previous to century XIX).

The nearest relatives of pomerania are the Norwegian Cazador de Alces, the Samoyedo, the Schipperke and all the family of the Spitz.

According to he consists in official documents, in the collapse of the Titanic, the morning of the 15 of January of 1912, 3 dogs only managed to be rescued, being 2 of them of Pomerania race. He knows themselves that one of them was called “Lady”, and was property of Margaret Hays, that also saved its life.