COUNTRY: Portugal
WEIGHT: 35-55 pounds
HEIGHT: 16-22 inches
COAT: Shiny, wavy and loosely curled; or thick, with shorter curls
COLOR: White; black, liver, with/without white markings or spots in varying proportions
OTHER NAMES: Cao de Agua
GROUP: Gun Dog

He is an excellent fisherman and hunter of rabbits, knows itself in the Iberian Peninsula where he received fish and he watched the networks. At first this race extended by all Portugal, but at present it limits itself the region of Algrave, where still the fishing traditions persist. Little he is known outside his country of origin and it is possible to be confused with the Portuguese Podenco that is used for the hunting of rabbits.

Capture with the jaws fish that escape, returning to I swim until the boat, where in addition it takes care of the networks and it is another crew member, is distrusted with the strangers.

For the male the height is between 51 and 57 cm, for the female between 43 and 52 cm. The weight in the males is between 19 and 25 kg, and the females between 15,9 and 22 kg.

The Portuguese Water Dog has two types of coat; as this is the unique difference, a standard for the race exists. A variety takes sheared the long hair for exhibition so that it remembers the Caniche, and the variety of short or uneven hair, takes an untidy but attractive aspect, mainly because the animal is often in the water. Cepillado is recommended frequents and to regulate.