HEIGHT: 21-26 inches
COAT: Short, smooth and hard
COLOR: Solid red preferred; small amount of white on brisket or feet not objectionable

This one is one of the six varieties of Coonhound recognized by the United Kennel Club of America (UKC), the other are the black and toasting, English, Bluetick, Treeing Walker and Plott. The majority descends from Foxhounds. Nevertheless, another Hounds also took part in their development and, common with the black and toasting, the Redbone is looked more like an English Bloodhound that to a Foxhound. As it suggests his name, the Coonhounds grew up to hunt raccoons, a hunting that exists by all EE.UU except Alaska and Hawaii, and also is him in the forests of Canada. As the raccoon is nocturne, it is hunted to him at night.

The Redbone has an excellent sense of smell and a great ability to fray. One adapts well to work in different lands. Besides being popular in EE. UU, also we can find it in central America and of the south, and in Japan.

GROUP: Hound