Retriever (Murray River Curly Coated)

The Murray River Curly Coated Retriever gets its name from a major river in South East Australia. It is said to have originated from there around the 1800’s. Murray’s are very popular “retriever” and “duck dogs” of Australia.

The Murray River Curlys are generally small in build and is liver coloured with white markings on their chests. They have longer ears like spaniels and have a very curly coat. The curls in their coats help them waterproof themselves better. Since they lack undercoat like some dogs, they tend to feel cold faster if they stay wet for long. They shed their coat during summer and prefer a hot, dry climate. During the peak of summer, the tips of their coat may begin to appear lighter in colour, but it’s just a case of their coat getting bleached because of the sun. It can be fixed by a quick brush with a comb to remove off the dead hair cells.

The Murray River Curlys are very adorable as pups and will fall in love with you right away and stay loyal to their faithful owners forever. They tend to chase birds a lot, it’s as if as they were bred for this. They make a great family pet. They are very playful and very energetic. They have a great deal of stamina and require lots of exercise. They are very protective of their owners, and get along very well with other dogs and cats, provided the cats don’t attack them first.

The unique trait of the Murray River Curly is that they have large webbed feet. This enables them to swim better. They have very small legs and have a very deep chest as compared to other retrievers. Murray River’s have huge floppy lips. This comes into use when they hunt birds by not bruising them. Murray River’s are a very intelligent breed and can be trained easily. On a normal hunting day, they bring back as many as 120 ducks. Just like most dogs, they behave obediently if they are well trained from a young age. It is very necessary for them to interact and socialize with other dogs as they grow up. If not, they may grow into a dog fearful of every other stranger.

After all the hard day of hunting or just being the playful family pet, they need a little grooming. The best way to get this done is to let the dogs swim, this way any loose and dead hair to the flow of water. However they can also be brushed, but the curls ‘fuzz’ up and will remain that way till the next bath. Folks with Murray River’s as house pets will have to trim their claws as there aren’t enough rough surfaces in the house to wear out by themselves. It is very advisable to get them used to this from an early age so that they are manageable in the later years.

They won’t need a bath that often if allowed to swim regularly. They don’t smell much and swimming keeps them clean. Just like any other floppy eared breed of dog, they are prone to ear infections since it is difficult for the ears to dry out after swimming. Their ears would need regular cleaning because of this or one could just tie their ears back so that they dry up by themselves.