COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 90-110 pounds
HEIGHT: 22-27 inches
COAT-: Short, smooth
COLOR: Black/tan only
GROUP: Mastiff

Temperament: Although rottweiler is a race that has been used for defense workings, its work and authenticity requires that they are described like friendly, glad, calm, faithful, obedient and with disposition to the work. In the last studies of aggressiveness in the races this was not between the ten first. In addition the dog to rottweiler is within the ten dogs more inteligentes.son dogs of great confidence and amiability can be asegrar that cumplira the wished objective.

The Rottweiler is a dog of average-great stature. Their instincts make of him an excellent guardian at the same time as he is able to relate easily to a family. The typical temperament of the race is the one of nor distracted calmed but nonslow a dog, surely of itself, able to react before the intentions of the stranger demonstrating little confidence. It is a dog that distinguishes itself for being worker, agile dice the case, resistant, loyal to the obedient family and.

In the present she is one of the most popular races in the United States, and the entire world. Only in the United States in year 2002 they were registered more than 28 thousand puppies; this number having be even greater during all the previous decade. Police and guardian have been used him like dog from World War I.

Peculiar data: Esteem that in the Second World-wide Gerra, died around 200 000 Rottweilers in the fulfillment of his to have, the majority victims of the enemy fire, others were sent to fields that was suspected were mined, to avoid losses in I exercise German, since if the dog moria victim of the buried mines, looked for alternating routes. Others died when transporting pumps to the enemy campings, to these units pumps in their backs were tied to them and they loosen so that they went in search of food, when arriving the dogs at these campings, morian, victims of the explosion of the pumps that transported. To some one trained for this aim, others to them simply were lazy without eating so that they were in search of food. This consequently brought the loss of innumerable excellent genetic lines, since very few Rottweilers returned with life, which repelled in the existence of the race, since it was on the brink of madness his total extinction.