HEIGHT: 15-17 inches
COAT: Silky and has fringing ears
COLOR: All Colours
GROUP: Gun Dog

Russian Spaniel was created in 1951, in the Soviet Union after World War II by hibridization diverse spaniel races. The breed was developed to satisfy Russian hunting requirements. This race was developed to satisfy the needs with Russian hunting. The new breed there are cocker-spaniel features, but is factory and you have to longer body. The new generation has-cocker spaniel characteristic, but he is higher and it has a longer body. The Russian Spaniel you have been exported to North America, where it is bred and marketed ace to rare breed novelty pet, although it is sometimes used for hunting ace well. The Spaniel Russian has been exported to North America, where they grow up and they commercialize like a rare race company animal newness, although sometimes he is used for the hunting also.