WEIGHT: 55 pounds
HEIGHT: 20-22 inches
COAT: Short and glossy
COLOR: Basically white, with red or black patches distributed evenly all over
OTHER NAMES: Large Spanish Hound
GROUP: Hound
The Spanish Bloodhound is an original canine race of Spain. The race is recognized by the Real Canine Society of Spain and by the Cinológica Federation the International.

The first description of the race was made by king Alfonso XI in its work the book of monteria, according to appears in the publication that Gonzalo Argote de Molina realised in 1582 of the same.

The Spanish Bloodhound is a dog of sign, used in the smaller hunting and in monterías, he has a great variety of beats (barks). Also dog of rescue and drug detection is used as to own a sense of smell very developed.