COUNTRY: Netherlands
WEIGHT: 33 pounds
HEIGHT: 17Vi-20 inches
COAT: Long, dense
COLOR: All colors
OTHER NAMES: Dutch Sheepdog
GROUP: Herding

At the end of the past century and principles of the present, it appeared the Dutch Schapendoes in the majority of the places of the Netherlands where there were moors and flocks of ewes. They considered it to the shepherds by its untiring spirit for the work and by its intelligence. It belongs to the versatile group of dogs of pasturing of long hair that densely own a head covered with hair. He is related with the Bearded Collie, the Puli, the Owczarek Nizinny, the Bobtail, the Briard, the Bergamasco and the German ovejero Pudel in the variety that appears in Hessen, Odenwald and the low regions of the Rhine.

All these similar dogs to each other, are small mutations of the mountain dogs. Quinólogo P.M.C. Toepoel is the founder of this race. During World War II it managed to wake up the interest by this race. Between 1940 and 1945 I carry out the raising with almost disappeared units of the Schapendoes where it wants that still they were. In year 1945 the development of this race began seriously. The club of the Schapendoes race of the Netherlands was founded on 1947; in 1952 the race was recognized temporarily by the Raad van Beheer. In 1954 the standard was established and so it initiated the conduction of Libro de Genealogical Registro. The definitive recognition occurred in the year of 1971 and since then the raising with registered dogs is only realised.