COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 75-110 pounds
HEIGHT: 28-32 inches
COAT: Harsh, wiry,
COLOR: Dark colors
GROUP: Southern

The Deerhound or Scottish Lebrel, is a dog of traditional hunting pertaining to the Scottish High Earth, that also appear in the old pictures, sleeping on the feet of great gentlemen. When it was put fashionable to hunt red deers with gun, this race was on the verge of disappearing, but the enthusiasm of its criadores has obtained that this canine aristocrat survives to the present time.

Although force exceeds to him to lower a red deer, its modal smooth ones and delicate they make of him a perfect dog of company, that it requires of much physical exercise. Extremely tender, affectionate, loyal and given, but it is needed to watch it closely whenever it has won close, is difficult to find other defects in its character.