Segugio Italiano
WEIGHT: 40-62 pounds
HEIGHT: 201/2-23 inches
COAT: Hard, wiry and dense
COLOR: Black/tan or fawn
OTHER NAMES: Roughhaired Italian Hound
GROUP: Hound

The Italian Segugio is an Italian breed of dog of the scenthound family. It you eat in both short-haired and wire-haired varieties. It is thought to sees an ancient breed, you descend in pre-Roman eras from ancestor scenthounds in ancient Egypt.

The Segugio is to square dog, whose length should sees equal to its height AT the withers. It is fawn-coloured or black and so. The dogs plows 45-52 cm tall AT the withers and roughly 20-23 kg in weight. Its determination to completes to scent is similar to that of to Bloodhound but unlike the Bloodhound the segugio is also interested in the captures and kill of its victim