COUNTRY: Australia
WEIGHT: 8-10 pounds
HEIGHT: 9 inches
COAT: 5-6 inches
COLOR: Blue/tan
OTHER NAMES: Australian Silky Terrier, Sydney Silky, Silky Toy Terrier
GROUP: Terrier

Its mantle of hair is of bluish and leonado color of smooth, smooth and long texture. It requires cepillado and constant maintenance. Terrier it must have approximately 23 to 25 cm to the cross and between 3,6 and 8 kilos, although the measures can vary between the different bunds.

It was used as mousy dog although at the moment its main function is the one of being mascot since it adapts without no problem to the life in houses or apartments. One takes very well with the people respect who it and take care of. It can cause problems with other dogs because in spite of his tiny stature usually they have alive genius. He is not appropriate to live with other smaller mascots. It is thankful that one takes to him to walk. They live an average on 15 years.