COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 44 pounds
HEIGHT: 22-26 inches
COAT: H ard and bristly
COLOR: Brown and white
OTHER NAMES: Deutscher Stichelhaariger Vorstehhund, German Brokencoated Pointer
GROUP: Gun Dog

That German Stichelhaar is one of the FCI (No. 232, Gr. , sec. 1,1) German dog race recognized 7. The race is considered as the oldest rauhaarige managing dog race in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

To 70 cm large and up to 30 kg the heavy dog is in the outside appearance German wire hair very similar to that. A distinction is possible for the specialists from there only. Its hair is borstig to hard, to 4 cm long. Colors: brown, with or without white breast mark, brown mould or light mould with or without brown plates. The ears are medium sized, hanging, highly set.