COUNTRY: Malaysia
WEIGHT: 18-28 pounds
HEIGHT: 15-19 inches
COAT: Short and smooth
COLOR: Any shade of sable, bkack mask ok
GROUP: Southern

Telomians wild dogs were found near the river Telom in Malaysia, hence its name. They were working dogs to the Orang Asli (aborigines of Malaysia) in the area, catching fish and hunting small animals. Telomians are very skilled climbers. Dogs are also on duty, killing the animal intruders at the house of the teacher.

Only discovered in 1963 by a antropologist, Dr. Orville Elliot, and then some of the dogs were taken to the United States. Telomians became highly valued in the United States and some European countries because they are good companians and good with children. However, in their country of origin, Telomians are not appreciated and many of them were brought from the jungle became strays.