COUNTRY: Tibet (China)
WEIGHT: 180 pounds or more
HEIGHT: 22-28 inches
COAT: Thick, medium length, double
COLOR: Gold and black
GROUP: Mastiff

The Bulldog of Tibet is an original dog of the Tibet, that appeared towards year 8000 a. C Used like dog guardian of the monasteries and palaces of that country. As much the lion as the Ihasa had a religious importance for the inhabitants of this country, who felt a great and remarkable admiration by the small dog guardian and sentry of the palace.

* Ears: Covers of abundant strips.
* Body: He is longer than high, their ribs well are developed and been nauseated. It is a compact body and it gives a harmonic sensation.
* Tail: Well it is covered with hair, not too short and it takes upon the back forming a curve to it.