COUNTRY: Tibet (China)
WEIGHT: 9-15 pounds
HEIGHT: 10 inches
COAT: Moderately long, silky
COLOR: All colors and combinations of colors permitted
GROUP: Herding

This dog was very appreciated in old Tibet, and it was used to give like gift the real families. Thanks to this practice, the dogs scattered themselves by all Asia and, as the young were not very rigorous, it thinks that the Tibetan Spaniel can be related with other Eastern races, including the Chin and the Pekinés.
Have been paintings of dogs similar to the Tibetan Spaniel in bronze sculptures of the year 1100 a. C.

The Tibetan Spaniel was used like dog of company and guardian in the tibetanos monasteries.

One sat down in the high walls and it barked to warn on the presence of intruders.
One said that the dog rotated the wheel of oration of its owner.
To the Tibetan present Spaniel still it likes to sit down in high places to observe the environs.

The Tibetan Spaniel took for the first time to England by the end of century XIX. The AKC recognized the race in 1984 officially.
At present, the Tibetan Spaniel is a dog of company and popular exhibition.