COUNTRY: Germany
HEIGHT: 12-15 inches
COAT: Short, smooth, hard and dense
COLOR: Tricolor,
OTHER NAMES: Westfalische Dachsbracke, Sauerlander Dachsbracke
GROUP: Hound

The Dachsbracke de Westfalia (the ICF no. 100) is scenthound legged small, short, a chaste one of the dog that originates in Westfalia, a region of Germany. The Dachsbracke de Westfalia was used in Sweden to develop the Drever. The dogs of the similar type see themselves in very old woman European paintings, although the Dachsbracke de Westfalia first was described like a variety German dog in 1886. It was recognized by für DAS Deutsche Hundewesen (German club of Verband of the perrera) in 1935 with his present name, and by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale whereas chaste number 100 in group 6 (Scenthounds), section 1.3 (small dogs).

T he Dachsbracke de Westfalia is the chaste one of the ancestor of scenthound Swedish, the Drever. Of clubs main of the perrera in the world of English speech, only the united club of the perrera in the USA recognizes the Dachsbracke de Westfalia, in its group of Scenthound. The Dachsbracke de Westfalia also can be recognized by of the many registries of smaller importance, rare groups of the chaste one, clubs of hunting, and businesses of the registry of the dog of the Internet under its original name or varriations in the name. The search of the use of the Dachsbracke de Westfalia has been supplanted mainly by the Drever, and the Dachsbracke de Westfalia is seen rarely even in its country of origin; the buyers of the represented dogs as Dachsbracke de Westfalia must investigate dog’ bottom of s, especially if it is placed with one of clubs of smaller importance than they require little to no documentation before accepting a dog or a bunk for the registry.