COUNTRY: Netherlands
WEIGHT: 33-44 pounds
HEIGHT: 21.5-23.5 inches
COAT: Thick, tight curls
COLOR: Liver, liver/white
OTHER NAMES: Otterhoun, Dutch Spaniel
GROUP: Gun Dog

Development at least for 400 years by the effective criadores of the Dutch province of Friesland, this rare race very little has been seen outside its native earth for the fish). After the otters put themselves more manageable in the northern parts of the Netherlands, the race was used to hunt the small Earth mammals like the firedamps, and to take care of the farms. The Wetterhoun is non-uniform, and the dog of the effective weapon able to both drain and to reclaim in the Earth and water.

The hair is thick, curled of the Wetterhoun which covers the whole body except the head and legs that have the short hair but. The colors of the hair include: the liver and target, black and white, solid liver or the solid black. The body is something square in the appearance. It has a great head hard. The eyes are prominent and are as combat ready. The chest is very wide. The feet are cleared and quite great, with the pronounced thick pads. The tail curls upon its part of back when the dog is alert.