COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 28 pounds
HEIGHT: 18-22 inches
COAT: Short, fine and close
COLOR: Any color
GROUP: Southern

Whippet is a race of dog of British, slim origin and of elegant bearing. One adapts very well to the life in the city but it must be exercised of one to three hours to the day since if the dog does not tend to fall in an sobreactivity along with an overweight. To the being galgo is a perfect option for people who wish to enjoy a companion while those are exercised simply or that they look for in a mascot of company. With the children it is a good dog since it of a worthy treatment does not become aggressive as long as the children give rise to him to the dog and.

In its origin, this race was tried like the Greyhound about the poor men although nowadays it is a race very appreciated. At the Victorian Time, the English miners could not be allowed to the cost qe supposed the possession of greyhound reason why this sector invented its own reasonable smaller version and, giving rise to the Whippet.